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Merry Christmas!

That’s odd…Las Vegas is getting more snow than Lone Grove!  Two storms blew through Las Vegas the last week and dropped five inches of snow in the Summerlin area.  Very cool!

Many people have asked me for the main differences between Las Vegas, Nevada and Lone Grove, Oklahoma.  So here we go:

In Las Vegas you try not to get run over in the heavy rush hour traffic.  In Lone Grove you try not get over by the deer.

In Las Vegas you go shopping at one of several malls.  In Lone Grove, you drive an hour to Oklahoma City or Dallas.

In Las Vegas you get 1/10th of an acre with your house.  In Lone Grove you can’t have a house with less than five acres.

In Las Vegas you say "Happy Holidays!".  In Lone Grove you say "Merry Christmas!".

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

The Godfather of Las Vegas – Live from Lone Grove, Oklahoma 

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from the Godfather of Las Vegas, live from Lone Grove, Oklahoma! Just a quick note to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I hope 2009 is your best year ever! Here are my three New Year’s resolutions:

Be More Compassionate – Not everyone meets our expectations, however they may be dealing with a health, family or career challenge that we are not aware of. In 2009, I resolve to be more compassionate.
Be More Giving – I help as many people as I can…as often as I can. Although many people will never say thank you or “pay it forward”, good deeds always come full circle. In 2009, I resolve to be more giving and let God keep score.
Never, Ever Give Up – My business is finding executives new jobs. My passion is charity. Both are a challenge given our economy. But I’m like a Fisher-Price Weeble Wobble; every time I get knocked down, I pop right back up. In 2009, I resolve to follow the best advice my Dad ever gave me – “never, ever give up.”
I’ll leave you with three amazing videos.
·         Click HERE to watch the Team Hoyt redefine “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” 
·         If you have a teenager in the house, click HERE and break out the Kleenex.
·         And if you have not seen Randy Paush and “The Last Lecture” or read the book, click HERE to change your life.