On the first day of the auction, we purchased two horses – a colt by PUT IT BACK and a colt by HOLY BULL.   We acquired 2 of the first 5 horses on auction, then watched 200 without placing a bid.  GM Sean Gerson and Trainer Peter Miller decided that bidders were paying WAY too much for many of the horses.  Probably a 50% premium.  Gerson Racing opted to stay out of the fray and pick their spot.

Day two did not start out much better.  Bidders continued to overpay for horses.  Decent horses, however nothing that knocked our socks off.  Patience is a virtue, and it paid off when Gerson Racing was high bidder for a colt by ROAR OF THE TIGER.  Sean Gerson had just about enough time to sign the bid slip and run for the airport.  For pictures from Ocala, check out:


 The highlight of the day was a billy goat that was in one of the horse stalls.  This is a common practice to keep the horses calm.  While Sean and Pete were looking at a horse, I noticed the billy goat was now on the roof of the horse stables with two grooms carrying brooms in full pursuit.  Eventually the goat was coaxed off the roof and returned to his stall.  The good news is the Godfather got the "money shot".  Check out:


As always, an outstanding job by Sean and Peter to pick out the best horses at the auction.  "Rising Stars 2008" will have four horses.  Filly by E DUBAI, colt by PUT IT BACK, colt by HOLY BULL and colt by ROAR OF THE TIGER.  They are all on their way to San Luis Rey Downs in San Diego and we expect them to start running in May or June at Hollywood Park.  Congratulations to the Rising Stars!