First and foremost, our prayers are with those that were affected by the tornado.

On Tuesday February 10 at 7:30 PM, an EF4 tornado with 175MPH winds passed through Lone Grove, Oklahoma.  We have a home in Lone Grove on the south side of town, and two additional pieces of property at ground zero.  The tornado entered from the southwest and jumped Cheek Road 2.5 miles south of Hwy 70.  It went diagonally across Elmer Jones’ 45 acres and tore off his roof.  It jumped Timber Road and bore right through the middle of my 70 acres.  Incredibly, it missed most of the structures and the lake, however it inhaled a 25 foot oil tank and deposited it about a half mile south.  See the pictures HERE.
Unfortunately, it headed north and leveled portions of downtown, razing a mobile home park and killing nine people. Again, our prayers are with those affected.  We are exceedingly blessed that our house was spared and our family and animals are safe.
Here is a nine minute clip of the tornado. At 2:30 mark you hear a storm chaser sight the tornado approaching Lone Grove. At 4:30 mark the storm chaser gets hit by another car. At 7:30 mark you hear a citizen on the scanner calling the fire department. On several occasions he says “it’s crossing Brock Road”. My property is on Brock Road.