THANK YOU to everyone that attended The Godfather's Christmas Party at the Palms.  Where else can you find legendary singer Clint Holmes, former First Lady Dawn Gibbons, Riviera CEO Andy Choy, Dr. Jerry Boyers, CEO Mike Faith and horse racing magnate Sean Gerson all in the same room? 

Check out pictures from the event at

Check out Mark Giovi singing Oh Holy Night:


God.  First and foremost, I thank God for the opportunity to meet all of you.  I am both honored and exceedingly blessed!

The Palms – George Maloof and the entire Palms team.  Great event!

The Talent – Mark Giovi, Richard Hampton and DJ Mark Martin.

Transact Technologies – Tracey Chernay has been sponsoring Godfather events for many years.

House Advantage – Jon Wolfe is one of the best people I ever met.

CommVault – Wade Harris has also been sponsoring Godfather events for many, many years.

Tickets- Thank you to Michelle Sharples, Ken Ciancimino, Andy Choy, Tony Bender, Laura Herlovich and Paul Hobson for donating show tickets!

My Clients – Without my clients, there would be no events. More importantly, my clients and business allow me to support charity and community.  THANK YOU for your support!

The BEST Guests! – The value proposition for Godfather “Sit Down” is the opportunity to meet 100 amazing people – all in one place, all in one night.  Mission accomplished!  Thanks to each of you for attending and bringing along so many wonderful new guests.

The Godfather's Sit Down – Los Angeles (February)
The Godfather's Sit Down – San Francisco (February)
Olive Crest Be The Change (April)

Career Opportunities
VP, Online ($300,000, Las Vegas)

Chief Technology Officer ($300,000, Midwest)

Chief Technology Officer ($250,000, International)

VP, Project Management ($250,000, Las Vegas)

VP, Innovation ($200,000+, Las Vegas)

CFO – Casino ($175,000, California)

Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis ($150,000, USA)

Director, Finance – Casino ($150,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Game Studios ($150,000, Las Vegas)

VP, Human Resources – Casino ($135,000, California)

Director, Slots ($125,000, California)

Director, Hotel ($125,000, California)

Director, Facilities ($125,000, California)

Director, Loyalty Marketing ($125,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Analytics/CRM ($125,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Retail Outlets – F&B ($125,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Table Games ($125,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Nightclub Marketing ($125,000, Las Vegas)

Sales Manager – Gaming ($120,000, Las Vegas)

Director, Marketing – Casino Property ($110,000, Midwest)

Director, Information Technology ($110,000, Midwest)

Director, Vendor Management ($105,000, Las Vegas)

Logistics Manager ($105,000, Las Vegas)

Sales Manager – Digital Signage ($100,000, Las Vegas)

Director, F&B ($100,000, California)

Executive Chef ($100,000+, Midwest)

Director, Hotel Operations ($80,000, Midwest)

Casino Host ($75,000, Las Vegas)