Many people are happy that 2010 is behind us, but I say these ARE the good old days! Do you have your health? Because if you don’t, nothing else really matters. Do you have family and friends? Real important! Do you have a roof over your head and food on the table? Exceedingly blessed! Do you have a job? You are ahead of 15 million Americans. So yes, we can always find something that is not the way we want it, but overall we have it pretty darn good.

Outlined below are all my current career opportunities. Also, the two upcoming Godfather "Sit Downs" at the Las Vegas Hilton and House of Blues West Hollywood.

Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year!

Career Opportunities
Casino GM ($400,000, Midwest)
VP, Hotel Operations ($250,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Table Games ($250,000, Las Vegas)
Enterprise Architect – Software ($160,000, Las Vegas)
Sales Account Executive – Systems Sales Experience ($150,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Player Development ($150,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Asian Marketing ($150,000, Los Angeles)
Online/Internet Gaming Consultant ($150,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Tax ($125,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Finance ($125,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Marketing ($125,000, Los Angeles)
Software Architect ($125,000, Texas)
Sound Programmer ($115,000, Las Vegas)
Program Manager ($110,000, Las Vegas)
Hardware Engineering Manager ($110,000, Reno)
Director, Credit ($100,000, Reno)
Director, Hotel Sales – Must have eCommerce ($70,000, East Coast)
Sr. Software Engineer ($100,000, Las Vegas)
Sr. Quality Engineer ($100,000, Las Vegas)
Mathematician ($100,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Loyalty Rewards ($90,000, Las Vegas)
Game Programmer ($85,000, Las Vegas)
Multimedia Programmer ($85,000, Las Vegas)
Sr. Recruiter ($80,000, Las Vegas)
Casino Controller ($70,000, Reno)

Upcoming Events
The Elvis Suite at the Las Vegas Hilton (February 17) – It does not get much more spectacular than this venue on the roof of the Hilton. Event sponsored by Benjamin Kuntz (CareerBuilder), Wade Harris (CommVault) and Pat Murphy (Brocade).

House of Blues West Hollywood (March 2) – The Foundation Room on the Sunset Strip is the exclusive venue for Godfather Hollywood events. Event sponsored by Tony Rose (Rose, Snyder & Jacobs) and Allen Cintron (CommVault).