Steve Dacri, arguably the greatest "up close" magician in history, passed away February 11.  A regular on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Candid Camera and at the Magic Castle, he was a close personal friend and one of the finest men I ever met.  Most recently Steve had a magic show at the Las Vegas Hilton.  We attended charity events together and Steve would perform his amazing magic pro bono.  If you have attended my private Las Vegas mixers, you have seen Steve perform his incredible illusions.  My two favorites were the "bunny trick" that featured Styrofoam rabbits that magically multiplied, then joined forces as one huge rabbit at the end of the trick.  And the "dagger illusion" in which Steve threw a deck of cards into a cigar box, then when they all started shooting high into the air, he magically stabbed a card previously selected by an audience member with his dagger.  Pure magic!  Steve Dacri was a legendary performer, but more importantly, he was a Prince among men.  Rest in peace my Brother.  I think I just heard Jesus say, "how does he do that bunny thing!!"

Career Opportunities
Casino GM ($250,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Entertainment ($200,000, Las Vegas)
Casino GM ($200,000, Las Vegas)
Enterprise Architect – Software ($160,000, Las Vegas)
Sales Account Executive – Slots ($150,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Marketing ($125,000, Midwest)

Upcoming Events
The Elvis Suite at the Las Vegas Hilton (February 17) – SOLD OUT!  Event sponsored by Benjamin Kuntz (CareerBuilder), Wade Harris (CommVault) and Pat Murphy (Brocade).

House of Blues West Hollywood (March 2) – SOLD OUT! Event sponsored by Tony Rose (Rose, Snyder & Jacobs) and Allen Cintron (CommVault).

Mardi Gras for St. Rose Hospitals (March 5, Bellagio)

Opportunity Village Celebrity Poker Tournament (April 9, Caesar’s Palace)

Morris Day and the Time (April 9, Red Rock Resort)