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Godfather “Sit Down” at Red Rock Resort (June)


One of the hippest and coolest venues in Las Vegas!


GM Ronan O’Gornan has hooked us up with their top suites. Come meet 75 of the most amazing people in America! Event sponsored by Willis Group and Brocade.

Godfather “Sit Down” at Hollywood Park (May)


This is the Godfather’s annual  CIO Mixer!


Come out and meet the best technology executives in the country, as we mingle and try to pick a few winners!  Event sponsored by Quest Software and Droisys.

Godfather “Sit Down” at the House of Blues West Hollywood (May)


Welcome to the TMZ!


HOB West Hollywood is on Sunset Blvd. right in the heart of all the action. These events are entertainment and celebrity heavy, but you could also run into a few CEO and Entrepreneur friends of the Godfather. Event sponsored by GCR and Markwood Capital.

• Godfather “Sit Down” at the House of Blues Dallas (April)


The House of Blues in Downtown Dallas is amazing!

Guest list is 25 of the interesting and influential people in America. Benjamin Kuntz of CareerBuilder is the exclusive sponsor of Godfather Dallas events.


This event is SOLD OUT.

Godfather Events!

Greetings from the Godfather of Las Vegas!  I have several events coming up over the the next 60 days.  These are all private, invitation only events for my clients and close friends.  An opportunity to meet the best people in America!

The Old Elvis Suite at the Las Vegas Hilton (April) – This event is SOLD OUT!  Guest list is the best executives and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas…and a few surprises!  Sponsored by Lori Heinemann (Microstrategy), Eric Swenson (RSJ Swenson) and Pat Murphy (Brocade).

House of Blues Dallas (April) – This event is SOLD OUT!  Guest list is 25 of the best executives and entrepreneurs in Dallas.  Sponsored by Benjamin Kuntz of CareerBuilder.

House of Blues West Hollywood (May) – The last event at HOB was a "10".  Not sure it can get any better, but we will try.  Scaling back from 75 guests to 60.  The House of Blues is on Sunset Blvd. in the middle of the TMZ.  Sponsored by Brian Callahan of Markwood Capital and Joe Preis of GCR.

Hollywood Park CIO Mixer (May) – We had so much fun last year…we are back again!  Thirty of the top technology executives in America.  Sponsored by Sanjiv Goyal of Droisys and Phil Rodas of Quest.

Red Rock Resort Las Vegas (June) – Invitations have not gone out yet.  Venue is one of the premiere "suites" in America.  Sponsored by Lori Heinemann (Microstrategy), Wade Harris (Commvault), Chuck Halsey (Willis Group) and Pat Murphy (Brocade).

Viva Las Vegas?

The Godfather’s "Will Work for Food Tour" has concluded.   One week in Los Angeles, one week in San Francisco and two weeks in Las Vegas.  Conclusion?  Things are tough all over.

Depression 2.0 (when the stock market falls 50%, that is NOT a recession) has affected me in three ways.  First, my travel schedule will be curtailed for the balance of the year.  With no business or revenues, my personal philosophy of "don’t spend money you don’t have" kicks in.  Second, my ability to place executives in exciting new career opportunities is diminished.  Fortunately, most of the "A Players" are huddled down for the next year to ride this out.  Finally, and most importantly, I am not able to lend my time and financial resources to my favorite charity organizations.  Kind of heartbreaking, but this too shall pass.

The interesting news for me over the last month was two fold.  My clients in San Francisco communicated that high tech has taken a major hit from the economy.  Hardware and software are capital expenditures, so I guess that does make sense.  Also, quite a bit of executive movement in Las Vegas.  People getting out of the casino business, people leaving Las Vegas in a big way (traffic is way better!) and executives just trying to find that right opportunity.  When the economy rebounds in 2010, it’s going to get interesting!