Greetings from snowy Oklahoma!  Two snowstorms in five days, however it melts off pretty quickly and we’ll be in the 70s the week March 10.  Here is the very latest.

The House of Blues Dallas "Sit Down" was a huge success! We had 15 attendees, including two former NFL players, an Entrepreneur of the Year, several CIOs and a private equity partner.  Outstanding!  More to come…

"Princess Susan M" and "Big Mahogany" finished fourth and third at Bay Meadows.  They came out of the races fine and will be back at Santa Anita shortly.  Sean Gerson, Peter Miller and I will be in Ocala next week to buy horses for "Rising Stars 2008".  Kentucky Derby, here we come!

Las Vegas job market came to a screeching halt, however I do have a few "hot" ones.  Need two CFOs (one casino, one SEC), a VP of Marketing (casino) and a VP of Project Managerment (technology).  Any and all referrals gratefully accepted!