Recently I lost a VP level candidate. He was making $200,000 and I offered him $350,000. But rather than thank me for the incredible job offer, he chose to get bogged down in some of the details. He will never, ever see an offer like that again. 

And let’s be clear on two points. First, this has happened several times this year. Second, I’m not here to arm twist candidates. It is always 100% the candidate’s choice on a job offer. If asked, happy to offer counsel. But the Pandemic made people lose their minds. Counter-offers, competitive offers, asking for money AFTER the offer letter is signed, ghosting on start date.

Here is $50,000 of career advice…completely pro bono. First, stop fighting over nickels! Does the job move your long-term career forward? Is the overall W2 solid? Not just the salary. Evaluate the bonus, equity and benefits. Second, if you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember this: The storm is coming. January revenues were terrible. And it’s going to get worse from here. No more stimulus; no more enhanced unemployment, and rising interest rates are going to humble the stock market and real estate market. Third, the casino world is like Mayberry RFD. A million employees and 200 make all the decisions. Getting sideways with people is a career limiting move. I have seen executives burn a bridge and literally never work again. Karma is a ruthless gangster.  All God gives you is choices. Choose wisely.