Greetings from Lone Grove, Oklahoma!  As many of you know, Susan and I are splitting our time between Las Vegas and Oklahoma.  I have family here, and we just love all the nature and wildlife.

This month we had a few interesting encounters on our property.  First, we were out at one of the ponds and a wild turkey walked by.  Friends, these are not your average turkey.  They stand about four feet high and probably weigh 50 pounds.  Typically you see 40 or 50 of them walking single file through the fields.  The next evening we encountered a skunk the size of a St. Bernard.  Last week was Susan’s week for wildlife encounters.   She met her first Water Moccasin at the pond.  They took one look at each other and headed in opposite directions.  Then there was the morning we saw a large coyote cutting across the property.  We also have bobcats, mountain lions, snakes deer, wild boar, snakes, turtles, birds…and more snakes.  Did I mention all the snakes?

In closing, I’m happy to announce that we FINALLY purchased a house here in Oklahoma.  We were going to build one, but fell off our bar stools when we were quoted $115 a square foot for a low end residence.  Huh?  We decided to look at existing houses and came up with one we really liked.  It’s on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere.  Check it out HERE.