Well, it is that time of year – Del Mar time.  I am on my way to Del Mar, where the turf meets the surf.  Attending "After the Finish Line", a horse rescue charity event and watching a few of our race horses run slowly in a circle.  Very slowly.

Really looking forward to the charity eventm which is being hosted at the Hilton Del Mar.  Thank you to Joe Preis, Mike Shustek, Naresh Lachmanda, Nathalie Ross and Howard Dinet for supporting this very worthy cause.  We have two tables, and some VERY interesting guests!  Trainers Kristen Mulhall, Brian Koriner and Michael Machowsky.  Jockeys Kayla Stra, Aaron Gryder and Joey Talamo.  Santa Anita marketing guru Chris Quinn.  Celebrities CC Perkinson and Joey Medina.  What a great crew!

Regardless of where our horses finish, we make up for it in fun, fun, fun.  And remember, the worst day at the track is better than the best day at the office!