Several Las Vegas companies have experienced RIFs (reduction in force) lately. Both casinos and suppliers (slot machine companies). Here are a few tips for those affected by the layoffs.

DON’T SPAM YOUR RESUME! Sending your resume to every company and Executive Recruiter in town paints you as desperate. And maybe you are, but you don’t want hiring companies to perceive you in a negative light. If you make more than $100,000 a year, STOP APPLYING TO ONLINE JOB POSTINGS. You will be candidate #500 to apply today. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery. And consider this – do you want to work for a company that hires senior level executives using online ads? There are also good companies like MGM Resorts that post everything, but mostly promote internally. They just have a policy of posting everything.

DON’T BE UNREASONABLE ON COMPENSATION. It’s IGT syndrome. If you work for IGT, Scientific Games or Aristocrat, you are being paid above market rate. Same for Wynn and Las Vegas Sands. Those companies pay top dollar, so thinking you are going to get a big raise, especially when you are unemployed, is not reasonable. This is one of the top reasons executives end up on the beach for six to twelve months – an inflated perception of their market value.  Talk to a few of your peers and get a feel for the market rate based on your education and experience. Even better, ask an Executive Recruiter.

LEVERAGE YOUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK. Roughly 85% of all jobs come from referrals within your professional network. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with your peers. They are the ones being headhunted by Executive Recruiters. They are the ones that can tell you “which jobs are out there.”

WORK WITH AN EXECUTIVE RECRUITER. Approximately 15% of all jobs, and typically the best ones, are through Executive Recruiters. But keep in mind they can only represent you to companies you have not applied or submitted to in the last 12 months. So again, quit spamming your resume to online job postings! Or if you do, no need to contact an Executive Recruiter. They can no longer add value for you. And one of the best tips ever: The wrong time to meet an Executive Recruiter is when you are unemployed. Have one of your peers introduce you to a good Recruiter while you are gainfully employed.

DON’T PANIC, YOU WILL FIND A NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITY. We have the lowest unemployment rate in history. And there is good reason for that – a booming economy and plenty of jobs. This year I had far more issues identifying quality candidates than obtaining search work. Work your network; make friends with an Executive Recruiter. You WILL find a great new career opportunity!