If it’s September, then it must be football season in Lone Grove, Oklahoma.  And down here in Oklahoma and Texas, football is religion!  We take our football very seriously, especially at the high school and college level.  Friday September 5 was the first game of the reason for Lone Grove High as they took on Bethel at home.

Around 6:30 PM, I headed out from the ranch for an evening of football. Being an amateur, I managed to park on the "visitor" side of the field, then hiked over to the entrance gate.  The rest of my family was already there – my sister Karen, my niece Marisa and her husband Jimmy…and the kids – Fern, Emily and Jared.  Fern is actually on the Lone Grove Drill Team and was performing on the field.  Admission?  $4.  Concessions?  A dollar for a Coke and two dollars for Nachos.  For the last month I was at Del Mar where it was $5 for a Coke and $10 for a sandwich.

Karen had staked out seats on the 50 yard line.  There are only 2,000 people in Lone Grove and about half of them turn out for the football games.  Karen and Marisa are the most connected people in Lone Grove – they know everybody!  My last game was 30 years ago at Villa Park High where I was in the broadcast booth and took stats.  Incredibly, nothing has really changed in 30 years.  It’s the same excitement, cheerleaders, Drill Team, football game, concession stand and marching band.  The best $4 you will ever spend.

Lone Grove was up 12-6 at the half, apparently a much different outcome then last year’s home opener.  During the second half, LG ran away and hid for a 38-12 win.  Who cares?  Glorious weather in the 70s, an entire town in the grandstand, and the opportunity to spend a night out with friends and family.  Lone Grove is my kind of town.

Events – Wine Tasting Event at VOX with my friends and clients, followed by a Technology Mixer at the Stirling Club.  Then we are off to West Hollywood in October and contemplating an event at the Barona in November.

Horse Racing – Siegel Sez and Princess Susan M are up north, Launch the Bull runs September 21 at Golden Gate, Set Play runs September 20 in Kentucky and doubles back in the Raven Run at Keeneland, and Backbackbackgone is entered October 18 at Santa Anita.  Sean Gerson, Steve Teske and I are attending the Breeders Cup October 24/25 at Santa Anita.