Thank you to everyone that read Part 1: 40,000 views in two days.

Here is a second major issue for Executive Recruiters: Candidates that ask for feedback, but don’t really want to hear it. As Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth!”

The most surprising part of this particular story is that the candidate, we’ll call him Joe, is a Human Resources executive. HR folks are in the business of hiring and firing, so they really should understand the mechanics of how the process works. Joe sends me a resume and I ask him the requisite questions about compensation, relocation and compliance (background). Joe has already applied to several jobs online. Translation to Recruiter: He is highly motivated to move. Some might say…desperate. For round numbers he is making $100,000 and is seeking $200,000, Translation to Recruiter: Not a reasonable expectation. Joe, you are IN Human Resources, have you ever doubled someone’s salary?

Finally, Joe has boundaries around relocation. “I would go to Tucson, but not LA. I like Sacramento, but not Reno.” Translation to Recruiter: I am never, ever, ever, ever going to get this guy a job. Joe asked for my feedback, so I was candid, “I can’t represent you to any company you have applied to in the last 12 months, so all the those companies you applied to online…are out. And given your compensation and specific geographical boundaries, your career opportunities will be limited. My recommendation would be to take a job at $110,000 at large organization and work your way up.” And of course the response from Joe was the standard, “Mark, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Look, you asked for my professional opinion and I gave it to you. Joe…I’ll be rooting for you!