Personally, I respond to every single candidate, even if the answer is a polite, “no thank you.” Why? Because my Dad taught me to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Most Recruiters are not so kind. They gang tackle you when you are a “C” level executive that can buy from them, and don’t return your calls when you need a job.  By the way, the WRONG time to meet an Executive Recruiter is when you are unemployed. So here are The Godfather’s four top reasons Recruiters are not returning your calls.

Executive Recruiters Get People for Jobs, Not Jobs for People – This is the #1 reason your calls are not returned.  They are trying to fill searches and don’t have time to figure out your situation. If they don’t fill the searches…they don’t eat.  Hit him/her at the right time (2% chance), they can help. Otherwise, they are focused on filling their searches.

Recruiters Don’t Accept Unsolicited Resumes – Runs a strong #2. Cold calling does not work. Get a referral from one of your peers. Better yet, a warm introduction over email.

Relationships Trump Transactions – I only represent executives I know personally or that were referred to me. Why? I don’t have time “vet” executives I don’t know and have never met. Plus, do I want to help executives I have known 20 years or do I want to submit strangers?  Hmmm…I’m going with my friends.

I Need Horses, not Jockeys – That’s what my race horse Trainer used to say. In Recruiting, we need clients (hiring companies), not candidates. Limited client set; unlimited candidate set.  Personally, I treat both clients and candidates with professionalism, but at the end of the day, the clients pay the bills.