Yes, it is the middle of tornado alley!  Let’s just get that out of the way – the weather is not much fun at times.  Thunderstorms, rain and hail.  Hot and humid in the summertime.  San Franicsco is foggy and cold, Las Vegas is blazing during the summer and LA has earthquakes.  Every location has its advantages and disadvantages.

Once you get past the weather though, Oklahoma and Texas become excellent places to live and raise a family.  First and foremost, the people are humble, genuine salt of the Earth types.  Friends and family come first, not the next deadline, quota or project. Life is slower.  Life is more simple.  Please step off the treadmill to the right.

I’m hosting Godfather "Sit Downs" in Dallas every six weeks, and they have taken off like one of my race horses.  Texans have totally embraced the model of "serving others" and "pay it forward."  The first two events drew 15 movers and shakers.  For the next event we had to take over the dining room at the House of Blues Foundation Room so we could get all 30 guests in.  Executive, entrepreneurs, celebrities.  All good people with good hearts, and to be honest, mostly Christian brothers and sisters.  Brothers and sisters have to take care of each other.

On my way to Hollywood for a few days to host a "Sit Down" and a CIO Mixer (Hollywood Park).  Then a week in Las Vegas to catch up with clients and friends.  Until we meet again, may the Lord bless you richly!