Woohoo! You know, you can’t pay for entertainment like that! Over seventy of the best executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities in America showed up for The Godfather’s "Sit Down" in the old Elvis Suite on the roof of the Las Vegas Hilton. Click on the Photo Gallery to check out the pictures.  I am exceedingly blessed to have so many amazing friends! Thank you to:

God.  First and foremost, I thank God for the opportunity to meet all of you. I am exceedingly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and clients.

My Wife Susan – She assisted with Production and helped Security with access. Thank you Susan!
Steve Dacri – He is the world’s Greatest Close-Up Magician, and his “dagger” illusion was….well, amazing!
Sponsors – No sponsors, no events. Thank you to Eric Swenson (RSJ Swenson), Pat Murphy and Erik Snyder (Brocade) and Lori Heinemann and Darrel Kammeyer (Microstrategy) for sponsoring the F&B.
Las Vegas Hilton, Ken Ciancimino, Dominic Parisi – The venue was gorgeous and the Production flawless. Thank You!
The BEST Guests! – The value proposition for Godfather “Sit Downs is the opportunity to meet the best people of America – all in one place, all in one night. This event exceeded expectations. Thanks to each of you for attending and bringing along so many great new people! Here are just a few:
Johnny Thompson in Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name” video, he is also in the new Kate Perry video – click HERE
I was quite tempted to post his “Polk Salad Annie” video, but instead here is Leo Days in “Hound Dog” showing us those famous dance moves – click HERE
Although she will probably bury me in a hole in the desert for posting this, check out Mary Wilson (Supremes) in this rare video – click HERE
A clip from “That’s My Mama” featuring Clifton Davis – click HERE
My friends David Oxstein and Larry Jordan, two hugely successful entrepreneurs, flew in from Southern California.  Another highly successful entrepreneur, Sanjiv Goyal, flew in from San Francisco.  We had so many amazing people it took 90 minutes to finish the introductions!