Greetings from The Godfather!

This past week I had to do some Spring cleaning. Specifically, I needed to get off the treadmill of life and clean out my head!

My typical day consists of 300 emails, fifty phone calls, a hundred candidate resumes, a dozen favors and another dozen fire drills. Emphasis on the fire drills! Several recent experiences had me questioning human nature. Was no longer sure whether I wanted to be The Godfather – helping people find jobs, connecting people together, performing a dozen favors a day.

Over the last 30 days I had a CFO client send me a profane email, several candidates send me hate mail because I would not represent them, and several more candidates that were not honest on their resume. When I told a certain CIO I could not represent him as a candidate, he replied "you are not much of a Christian." It had me shaking my head in disbelief. Slowly became jaded, cynical and bitter – and I knew it.

So last week I disconnected from voicemail and email to host my Make-A-Wish friend Zoe and her Mom at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We were there for several days to watch the undefeated race horse mare Zenyatta win number 16 in a row.

The trip to Arkansas renewed my faith. While others are complaining about needing a new car or a raise/promotion at work, Zoe fights a daily battle for life. Without your health, nothing else matters. It’s been a real blessing to be involved with Zoe and Make-A-Wish. The highlight of our trip was hanging out with jockey Aaron Gryder and getting our picture taken in the Winner’s Circle. It was a magical trip. A link to the pictures is below. God bless you for renewing my faith in human nature Zoe!

Upcoming Godfather Sit Downs are May 26 on the roof of the Las Vegas Hilton, June 15 at the House of Blues Foundation West Hollywood and June 23 at the House of Blues Dallas. Will be scaling back the size of the crowd, so please don’t be offended if you don’t get an invite this time around.

May 19 is the Make-A-Wish Dinner at Cili’s (Bali Hai) in Las Vegas. I bought four tables and my personal tables are SOLD OUT. If you would like to buy a table for your company, give me a call directly.

Career Opportunities
Casino President ($500,000, Las Vegas)
GM – Casino – Native American ($350,000, West Coast)
VP, Game Studios – Video Gaming ($250,000, West Coast)
VP, Marketing – Casino ($225,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Multi-Cultural Marketing ($225,000, Las Vegas)
Chief Technology Officer ($200,000, West Coast)
VP, Information Technology – Casino ($175,000, Midwest)
VP, Marketing – Casino ($175,000, Midwest)
Director, Enterprise IT Operations ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Information Security – CISO ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Enterprise Engineering – Data Center ($175,000, Dallas)
Director, IT Infrastructure – Data Center ($165,000, Dallas)
Director, Data Center Operations – Data Center ($155,000, Dallas)
Enterprise Architect – Software Development ($160,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Unified Communications ($150,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Gaming Studio – AGILE ($150,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Engineering – Slots ($140,000, Las Vegas)
Manager SAP – FICO ($135,000, San Francisco)
Director, Casino Systems ($130,000, Las Vegas)
Sr. Director, Marketing – Casino ($130,000, Las Vegas)
Director, F&B ($120,000, West Coast and East Coast)
Director, Labor Relations – HR ($100,000, West Coast)

Upcoming Godfather “Sit Downs"
Las Vegas Hilton – The Barry Suite – May 26
House of Blues West Hollywood – June 15
House of Blues Dallas – June 23