Greetings from The Godfather!

As you know, my passion is church, charity and community. Sure, my day job is placing high priced executives, however the purpose of that business is to support my charity work. Here are a few events I’m involved with.

First up is a Make-A-Wish Dinner May 19. We have four tables of ten. THANK YOU to the 40 friends and clients that are attending the dinner with me! Also attending my first ever Dallas charity event May 5 for the Fort Worth Library Foundation. Hope to pick up more clients in Dallas so I can become more involved with charity work in Dallas.

August will be "After the Finish Line", the horse rescue charity Founded by Dawn Mellen.

September is VERY busy. On September 11 is Frank Martin’s "Jeans to Jewels" for Opportunity Village. Western hoedown – not to be missed! September 30 I am Co-Chair for DISH, a huge fundraiser for Three Square in Las Vegas.

The year wraps up December 12 with a benefit performance by Terry Fator for the Arthritis Foundation.

If you have interest in any of these events, feel free to call or email me directly. We are looking for silent/live auction items, sponsors and volunteers.

I’ll leave you with this, "to whom much is given, much is required." For it is written, "whatever you did for the least of My brothers, you did for Me." If you can’t donate money, donate your time and talents. And may the Lord bless you richly for your generosity!

Career Opportunities
Casino President ($500,000, West Coast)
Chief Information Office – CIO ($400,000, West Coast)
General Manager – Native American Casino ($350,000, West Coast)
President – Gaming Company ($300,000, West Coast)
VP, Game Studios – Video/Slots ($250,000, West Coast)
VP, Loyalty Marketing – Casino ($250,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Multicultural Marketing ($250,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Marketing – Casino ($225,000, West Coast)
VP, Slots ($200,000+, West Coast)
President – Gaming Company ($200,000, International)
VP, Game Studios – Video/Slot ($200,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Brand Marketing ($200,000, West Coast)
VP, Casino Marketing and Operations ($200,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Finance ($200,000, West Coast)
Chief Technology Officer ($200,000, West Coast)
Sr. Director, Technology ($200,000, West Coast)
VP, Information Technology – Casino ($175,000, Midwest)
Director, ERP – SAP ($175,000, SoCal)
Director, Enterprise IT Operations ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Information Security – CISO ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Enterprise Engineering ($175,000, Dallas)
VP, Hotel Operations ($165,000, East Coast)
VP, Table Games ($165,000, East Coast)
Director, IT Infrastructure ($165,000, Dallas)
Director, Data Center Operations ($155,000, Dallas)
Director, Casino Systems ($130,000, Las Vegas)
Sr. Director, Marketing – Casino ($130,000, Las Vegas)
Manager, Revenue Management ($100,000, East Coast)

Upcoming Godfather “Sit Downs"
Las Vegas Hilton – The Elvis Suite – May 26
House of Blues West Hollywood – June 15
House of Blues Dallas – June 23

Upcoming Charity Events
Fort Worth Library Foundation (Dallas) – May 5
Make-A-Wish Dinner (Las Vegas) – May 19
After the Finish Line (Del Mar) – August 5
Jeans to Jewels for Opportunity Village (Las Vegas) – September 11
DISH for Three Square (Las Vegas) – September 30
Terry Fator Benefit for the Arthritis Foundation (Las Vegas) – December 12