I don’t have an opinion on the zombie apocalypse. Not qualified to comment on whether this is Revelations and the end of the world, or just a total overreaction by media that want to keep the sheep glued to their TV screens. Nevada is completely locked down for 30 days…but NYC is not. And tens of thousands of college students are partying in Texas and Florida for Spring Break. Huh? Regardless of your opinion, here are a few ways for overachievers (me included!) to keep our minds occupied in a positive manner.

Take a Vacation – No better time than the present. All your worry, stress and anxiety is not going to change anything. Las Vegas is locked down, so take a week or two off and decompress. Soon enough we will be back in the game.
Spend Time with Your Family – You remember them. The folks you used to know before you started working 70 hour weeks. Your kids. Your parents. Your siblings. Great time to reconnect.
Get Healthy! – The gyms will eventually reopen. In the meantime, there are endless trails and parks. Or go biking. Or lift weights at home. No excuses!
Pick Up a Musical Instrument – Played guitar as a teen, and recently picked it back up along with a lifelong goal: Piano.
Learn a Foreign Language – My personal favorites are Spanish and Mandarin, but I might take a shot at German. It’s fun to overhear conversations when people don’t think you understand their language…but you do.
Read a Book – Whether it’s continuous education, self-improvement or the latest novel, reading quiets the mind. Personally, I like biographies and historical education. Here are 3 must reads: Half Time (Bob Buford), Your Best Life Now (Joel Osteen) and Ego is the Enemy (Ryan Hanson).
Binge Watch – Not a huge fan of TV, however with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and AppleTV, there is no shortage of choices. And there are plenty of great series to binge watch. From Stranger Things to Big Little Lies to Handmaids Tale…to an infinite number of documentaries.
Be of Service to Others – It takes a pandemic for some folks to understand what the rest of us knew all along: Whatever you did for the least of My Brothers you did for Me. “But Godfather, you don’t understand – I don’t have money and can’t donate to charity.” Forget the money part! Volunteer your time – those are the real heroes. Help a neighbor. Let someone go in front of you in traffic or at the supermarket. Be kind.