I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Team Hoyt – One of the most inspirational videos EVER:

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Greetings from the Godfather!  For those of you attending the Palms event this week – awesome!  As we say in Oklahoma, it’s going to be a barn burner.  The LA and SF events are scheduled for February – a few spaces left.  As always, buy in is one new and cool guest.

This months topics are "the offer" and "toxic people".  This week I negotiated offers for 4 seperate candidates.  Each at the VP or "C" level; compensation in the $200,000+ range.  First we’ll look at the wrong approach.

The hiring company makes Joe a fair offer.  Joe has been unemployed for months.  Rather than accept the offer, Joe wants to work the hiring company over for a few more nickels.  He wants more of this and more of that.  When I asked him to let me negotiate the compensation package he told me to stay out of it.  Here is the rub.  Even if he gets a couple more dollars, he has now set an expectation that he is trivial and focused on money.  Not so good.

In the second scenario, Lou also has an offer.  He asks me to negotiate for a few more items.  I say, "this and that are OK, however I would drop these other requests."  He answers, "you are the expert; I’ll go with your recommendations."  Done deal.  Moral – don’t take a short-term view, and never fight over nickels.

Which leads to my second point – avoiding toxic people.  Despite the fact that I helped the first first candidate mentioned above get af offer, I felt like he was hitting me with a shovel.  It is written, "love one another as I have loved you", however nowhere does it say, "hang around miserable, bitter, toxic people until they inhale you into your vortex."  You will have more success if you surround yourself with good hearted folks.  I realize that some of the most powerful people in business also happen to be the most toxic.  Stick with the good people!  Over the long-term you will be successful.

Managing Director – Gaming Systems ($350,000, International)
President – Casino ($300,000, Las Vegas)
GM – Casino ($300,000, West Coast)
Casino General Manager ($250,000, Midwest)
VP, Marketing – Casino ($250,000, Las Vegas)
President – Casino and Slots Background ($250,000, Los Angeles)
VP, Marketing – Online Media ($250,000, San Francisco)
VP, Hotel Operations- 5 Star Property ($250,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Sales – Slots ($250,000, Los Angeles)
Associate General Counsel – Casino ($200,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Brand Marketing ($200,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Small Group Sales – ($200,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Marketing – Casino ($200,000, Las Vegas)
VP, Product Development – Online Media ($200,000, San Francisco)
Controller ($200,000, San Francisco)
Associate General Counsel – Licensing and Compliance ($200,000, Los Angeles)
Senior Game Producer – Slots/Video ($200,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Multi-Cultural Marketing – ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Multi-Cultural Marketing ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Social Media ($175,000, Las Vegas)
CIO – Internet ($175,000, Las Vegas)
Director, Product Marketing – High Tech ($175,000, Midwest)
Director, Information Security ($160,000, Las Vegas)

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